Through specialized tactical training and well defined security techniques which include but are not limited to; defensive driving tactics, vehicle sweeps for IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), SGS Transport also known as the Shell game Shuffle; Our clients can rest assured that ZSG has both the manpower and qualified personnel to handle their protection and safety during all convoy security details. In fact, many of our clients have compared our services to that of the presidential convoy and motorcade and have given our firm glowing reviews on the same. Additionally, ZSG has developed relationship with trusted luxury transportation providers. These relationships ensure that all of the vehicles used during our protection assignment meet and exceed what the client expects. So whether our clients decide to utilize their own personal vehicles and drivers, or they prefer that our firm provide them with a security driver to oversee their personal protection on their own vehicles or they choose to have ZSG provide both a security driver and transportation, our clients can rest assured that we will provide the highest level of personal protection that they demand and/or expect. We ensure the personal security and safety of high-ranking and at-risk individuals (eg Celebrities, CEOs, dignitaries and travelers visiting hotspots) on any occasion (international or domestic travelling, at home, office or enjoying their free time) is realized. We also take care of clients’ valuable assets such as well-being, reputation, information, affairs and property.

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