With our core competencies covering everything to include but not limited to: corporate security, Executive Protection, Uniformed Security, Natural Disasters and Emergency responses and our STTs. (Specialized Tactical Teams) Z5G is uniquely positioned to provide bath the corporate Sector and Private Sectors alike the most comprehensive and integrate security solution, domestically and internationally. We provide tools necessary to achieve superior corporate continuity increased profitability and unimpeded growth while ensuring the integrity of their company's trade Secrets and overall corporate Security. We offer a wide range of security services to include but not limited to; vulnerability security assesments of corporate headquarters and satellite offices, training services for workplace violence prevention, crisis management solutions, protection and support, and a wide array of other services to make certain that we improve upon the integrity of our clients businesses. Additionall, our firm is committed to ensuring that our client receive the most cost-eeffective Security solutions without Compromising the level of services they demand, and expect. We focus on attempting to mitigate the risk to our clients by tailoring our services to their specific needs and seamlessly customizing and integrating unique security solutions around their day-to-day operations.

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