Freight Security & Management System

ZSG offers native integration with ocean carriers, air carriers, and rail EDI, providing real-time container shipment status updates. We strive to provide custom security solutions for both national and international distribution flows of valuable assets and/or at risk cargo.

In order to help companies manage and improve the distribution of valuable cargoes, ZSG focuses primarily on security solutions for the complete supply chain, tailored to the needs of each client.

Our experience and expertise enable us to identify risks and implement effective security solutions complying with international standards in the cargo security industry.

Based on a preliminary identification of threats and weaknesses we offer our customers a comprehensive range of security services with leading technologies, products and industry professionals.

Although no single solution will stop all criminal activity directed towards valuable or at-risk cargo, our program ensures optimal protection of your goods and assets against theft or los

ZSG is capable of providing armed and unarmed security escort services for High-Value Freight while in transit throughout Africa. Our personnel are carefully selected from the law enforcement and military communities, and are specifically trained to provide high-value security escort services.

From individual semi tractor-trailers to convoys, ZSG possesses the capability and experience to ensure the safe passage and delivery of our clients’ freight. Through our vast network and professional relationships with distribution centers, truck drivers, owner-operators, account managers and other key players, ZSG is able to assist with the logistical support necessary to ensure that our clients’ freight arrives safely at its final destination without experiencing unnecessary delays.

Our capabilities include:

  • Providing high-value security escort services (armed and unarmed)
  • Providing high-value security escort services for individual semi tractor-trailers and convoys.
  • Deploying security escort teams on short notice anywhere in the Africa.
  • Coordinating split pick-up / same destination security escorts originating from different distribution centers.
  • Ability to use encrypted communication throughout escort missions.
  • Providing real-time tracking and monitoring services for high-value freight while in transit.
  • Capability to provide support from our Strategic Operations Center (SOC) to our security teams 24/7 while in transit.
  • Capability to provide key personnel with demonstrated experience in logistics, convoy security, and diplomacy.
  • Providing the necessary tools, communications equipment, trained personnel and vehicles to ensure mission success.
  • Provide electronic logs, time-stamp photos and support documentation for all security escort services provided from point of origin to final destination.
  • Understanding the importance of developing and maintaining professional relationships with everyone involved in the supply chain.

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